About Caifé Erin
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In January 2024, Rich Baker and Addie Neary opened Caife Erin with a heartfelt vision: to create a warm and family-friendly place where everyone feels welcome.

"As a chef, I was driven by the desire to cook 'My Menu'—a selection of dishes that I am passionate about and love to both prepare and enjoy. I wanted Caife Erin to be more than just a restaurant; I envisioned it as a cozy home away from home for our guests.

One of the things I love most about Caife Erin is our intimate dining room and open kitchen. This setup allows for delightful interactions between our diners and me as the chef. It’s a joy to connect with our guests, share stories, and see their smiles as they enjoy the food we’ve lovingly prepared."

We can't wait to have you!